We are a non-profit organization and we depend on donations for all of our activities.   We do not have a paid staff. We are all very dedicated volunteers just trying to help re-home as many cats as we can, and help alleviate the problems of feline over population.
The more funds we have available, the more we can accomplish!  Every amount helps. Three or four dollars can buy a bag of cat litter.  Four dollars can buy one vaccine.  Twenty dollars can neuter a male cat.

If you have items to donate or would like to help in other ways, see Other Ways To Help Us Help Cats.

To all of you who have donated - Thank You Very Much!  We greatly appreciate it, it's what keeps us going.

  • If you wish to donate to us directly you can send your donation to: PO Box 84, Middleton, Idaho  83644.
    We will mail a receipt back to you for your donation amount.

  • If you wish to help with our veterinary bill directly you can send a donation to the Boise Cat Clinic 506 N. Latah, Boise, ID 83706.  Specify that you want the money to go toward the Conrad Strays account. 
    Or you can stop by and make a donation in person.  There are also drop off boxes for cat food and litter, or any other cat related items.

  • You can make an online payment to our PayPal account using the button below.

Cat food, litter or any other cat related items may also be dropped off at the following veterinarian hospitals:

Hendricks Veterinary Hospital 6224 W State St, Boise, ID

Sunnyside Veterinary Hospital, 5100 Star Road, Meridian, ID


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