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If you are interested in meeting one of our cats or kittens available for adoption, please note the cats are in different foster homes or at Petsmart on Eagle Rd. in Boise.  An appointment will be needed to meet the cats that are in foster homes.  We will need to know which cat(s) your are interested in meeting.  
If you just want a companion and are not sure who to meet, the following questionnaire will help you find your purr-fect new kitty!


If you decide to adopt from us, we will have you fill out an adoption contract and other paper work including instructions on acclimating your new cat.  You must read and sign this paperwork before adopting.
  • Adults and kittens over 6 months of age is $50.
  • Kittens 6 months and younger is $60.  Kittens that are not old enough for adoption can be reserved with a $30 non-refundable deposit. The the remaining $30 is due at the time of adoption. 

The adoption fee only covers a small portion of what we spend on each cat. The fee goes towards helping the next rescued cat. We provide the highest quality health care from Orchard Animal Clinic, 110 N. Orchard Street, Boise. We do whatever it takes to ensure a healthy cat.

The Adoption Fee includes:

    Adult cats have been quarantined to make sure they have no hidden illness. They have been tested negative for FIV (feline aids) and leukemia, fully vaccinated, de-wormed, spayed or neutered. They also come with a free bag of Hill's Science Diet cat food and a 14 day health guarantee!
    Kittens have been quarantined to make sure they do no have any hidden illness. They have been tested negative for FIV (feline aids) and leukemia, vaccinated for Fvrcp and leukemia (and rabies if old enough), de-wormed. The adoption fee also covers their spay or neuter when they are old enough (4-6 months of age). Each kitten will receive a free bag of Hill's Science Diet Kitten food and come with a 14 day health guarantee! Once adopted, the new owner is financially responsible and required to finish all of the kitten vaccines.
  • Microchips - We can not always afford to microchip each cat.  If a cat is adopted without a chip, the owner can buy one from us for a very low price!  Microchips save lives every day.  It keeps many cats from being killed at animal shelters.

Each cat must go home in a carrier. They will not be allowed to leave without a carrier. You can purchase a nice, used carrier from us for $10 or purchase a cardboard carrier for $7.  We need to know ahead of time if you need to purchase a carrier from us.  Cats residing at Petsmart go home in a free carrier.

    If any health concerns show up within 14 days after adoption, call Conrad Strays with your concerns and if Conrad Strays feels that the adopted cat needs medical attention, we will gladly set up an appointment for your new kitty at their participating Veterinary clinic. If you go to another clinic without contacting Conrad Strays, it will be at your own expense.  If you make an appointment at our clinic without contacting us first and getting approved, it will be at your own expense (unless it is an emergency and you can not get in touch with us).  This 14 day guarantee does not cover accidents or other conditions acquired in their new home or previously undiagnosed illnesses.


  • We want adopters who will make a 100% lifetime commitment to the cat's that they are adopting. They are a lifetime companion that you don't get rid of when you move, have a baby, change your lifestyle etc. If you can't make a lifetime commitment, PLEASE don't adopt from us.
  • We want our adopted cats to be kept current on yearly vaccines and examinations.
  • We want the adopted families to promise to do whatever it takes to see them through any illness or behavior issue that may occur in their lifetimes.
  • We hope the adopters will take time to educate themselves on preventative medicine and the importance of a high quality diet. Cheap food is very expensive with all of the veterinary bills it will cause. It's better to stick with a high quality food like Hill's Science Diet. It may seem more expensive but you feed much less and it lasts a long time.
  • Cats adopted from us must be kept indoors only.

Conrad Strays believes in keeping cats indoors at all times or to let them out in a safe, secure outdoor enclosure. We want our rescued babies to live long, happy, healthy, and safe lives. Outdoor cats don't have much of a chance for a long life because of cars, diseases, people, poisons, dogs, predators and so on. We've known people who didn't realize cats could live more than two or three years because they've only ever had outdoor cats!



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