A shy or skittish cat needs to be acclimated in a bathroom or small room for 2-4 weeks! The following advice is for
Any cat will be scared moving into a new, strange home. A shy cat is terrified and needs understanding. Their new home will be huge with unfamiliar surroundings and people. The most common mistake people make when bringing a new pet home is letting them immediately roam free in this new place. They are going to hide for a long, long time and bonding will never take place.
To avoid a disaster and to be successful in your introduction, please read the following.

The most successful introductions are starting your new cat in a small room. Bathrooms are the best choice and are highly recommended because people are always going in and out and it is very small with little or no hiding places. Provide a litter box, food, water, toys and bedding. Come in often and quietly, sitting on the floor talking to them and petting them.
If you have small children, please explain to them:

- to be careful,
- quiet,
- not to pull on them or try to pick them up,
- donít make sudden moves,
- let the cat come to them
- and close the door tightly each time they come in or go out.

At the recommended time or when you feel they are no longer scared, let them out during a quiet time of day. Talk to them in a soft voice and follow them around little bit, but then give them time to explore on their own. Be careful, because a loud or scary incident at this time could send them into hiding. Check on them every few minutes. Make sure to show them where their new litter box location is. Also show them where their food and water will be.


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